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Business loan broker intensive training

Earn while you learn

As a Nav business loan broker, you can immediately start earning commission from your leads. You don't need to be a seasoned broker to start earning.

Our course is built to show you how to find success from day one of becoming a Nav business loan broker.

About Us

In our ten years of business loan brokering we have done everything wrong – the costly mistakes, the pitfalls, and the short-comings all new loan brokers make. Every mistake has made us smarter. We know exactly what is needed to find success, what obstacles lie ahead and how you can avoid them.

Through the Business Loan Broker Academy, you will get access to all the training needed to launch as a successful commercial loan broker in this highly lucrative and ever-growing industry.

The benefits are unlimited. You’ll have the liberty to work from home, create your schedule, and generate income to support a comfortable lifestyle. The money you earn will be a direct result of how hard you work, and you alone will determine the amount of income you receive.

Business loan broker helping business owner

We teach what others leave out.  No need to get training on our training.

Your Local Market

How you package deals can mean the difference between your client being approved or declined.  We tell you the proper way to present your client’s information when working with lenders.
Our business loan broker training goes over all the documentation you will need for each type of deal, how to select the right lenders for each client, and how to overcome obstacles in underwriting. With scripts, checklists, spreadsheets, and placement packages, you will walk away with the proven tools we use every day to get clients placed and approved.

Most online training courses show you one way to broker. Learn to offer alternatives that can give you a higher commission, without the trial & error. 

Assess The Client

Don't send your business off to just ANY lender. Being successful means being able to match each business with the RIGHT financing for its needs, goals, and current situation.
We give you the scripts, tools, and knowledge that you need to quickly gain a deep understanding of your client’s financial situation. Learn the techniques we have developed for deciding who you should work with and who you should refer elsewhere, how to get the right information, and how to put it all together to get the assessment of the right financing and lender for each client.

Properly Close

Closing deals can be a tricky situation, and we take the guesswork out of it. Success requires overcoming objections from both the client and
the lender.  
You're paid for being able to resolve these issues and make sure that everyone signs to a successful deal. We have the tools for closing deals quickly and consistently by avoiding objections before they occur, and overcoming them when they do. The training we provide will help you throughout the closing; polishing your responses to make certain you are comfortable in each and every situation.

Local business loan broker market
Learn to be a business loan broker
Close deals as a business loan broker

Help businesses grow.
Become a small business loan broker from home today

Besides being an obvious investment of your money; your training, your connections, and your marketing will be the foundation of your business. If you don’t get the right tools, you will have a much more challenging road in front of you in the coming years.
Ensure you are making the best decision and get the most value for your time and investment by reading our FAQ section.

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"I originally tried business loan brokering by myself but quickly found out that this industry is all about your connections. The Business Loan Broker Academy gave me all the credible connections I needed to gain some momentum and finally get deals funded."

- Tony Nelson. New York

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Business loan broker intensive training

Intensive Training

Created from years of trial and error.  We cover the most efficient, proven strategies for getting started as a successful business loan broker.

Business loan broker mentorship
Small business loan broker design and marketing training
Business loan broker academy support
Commercial loan broker training tools
Business loan broker academy

Our training is practical, tested, and proven.  We give you access to resources other brokers can only dream of.

Ongoing Mentorship

Proper execution is more than education. Our seasoned training will ensure you’re taking the right steps, at the right time, in the right way. 

Extensive Tools

We ensure you have the tools needed to scale, including a CRM system through Nav, access to top-tier lenders, and marketing pieces.

Website & Marketing Advice

Our marketing advice builds your brand online for you. From website guidance to social media to email marketing, attract new customers while you close open deals.

Worthwhile Group Support

Be a part of an active FacebookTM support group. Have a question? Ask it and get help from our experts and fellow brokers.

Nav's Broker Portal Access

Academy members have exclusive access and training on Nav's Broker Portal. You'll instantly have a network of brokers and lenders to work with and a CRM system to manage your leads.


Instantly gain trust as a Nav broker

The connection to a larger company like Nav (used by over 1 million businesses) can help you gain trust with clients from day one. Overcoming the trust barriers to get new clients is a huge challenge for new brokers, and the opportunity to work with Nav can be a great selling point for your young business.

Business loan broker intensive training

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What's included in the Business Loan Broker Academy course

Starting your business & establishing your website





Nav product training: what you offer as a Nav business loan broker



How to identify the right path for your clients & maximize your earnings 



Marketing templates, tools & resources to attract clients



How to launch your new business

Get started



101 Ways to Market Yourself as a Broker

How to use your Circle of Influence

Sales Scripts

Sales Bootcamp